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FUSION-Link™ is the industry standard for entertainment integration on board the world's most respected boating brands, developed by FUSION Entertainment and supported by leading marine electronics manufacturers.

FUSION-Link™ is a culmination of over 10 years experience, designing and engineering high quality marine entertainment solutions, that are purpose built for unrivaled performance under the harshest marine conditions possible.

FUSION-Link™ allows a certified Multi-Function Display (MFD) the ability to integrate with and utilize FUSION's specialized entertainment functionality through the certified MFD. This creates a centralized control station for the entire vessel and a more user-friendly experience for our valued customers.

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FUSION True-Marine™

Recognized as the worldwide leaders in marine entertainment and innovation, FUSION True-Marine™ products combine cutting edge technology and high quality materials, with a clear focus on ease of use.

At FUSION, we believe that products should be designed to perform season after season even after exposure to some of the harshest marine conditions. With this longevity in mind, all True-Marine™ products are designed and engineered from the ground up - specifically for use on the water. Environmental protection is at the heart of all our product designs, and only after each product has passed our rigorous environmental testing are they awarded the True-Marine™ stamp and a 3 Year Worldwide Consumer Warranty.

Our extensive testing gives our customers confidence in our products and has further cemented FUSION as industry leaders in marine entertainment. Look for the True-Marine™ stamp when purchasing your next marine entertainment product. 

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Multi-Zone™ Technology

FUSION's world-first Multi-Zone™ Technology creates a truly customized audio system for your vessel unlike any other "marine stereo" in the world.

Conditional on the FUSION marine stereo model you choose, enjoy outstanding audio in either two, three or four independent zones, each with their own volume controls and settings. This allows you to listen to your favorite music at varying volume levels in each independent zone of your vessel, for example, loud music in the saloon and quieter music on the flybridge. 

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Class-D Marine Amplifier Technology

Understanding the way our customers use electronics on-board their vessels challenged the FUSION engineering team to produce a solution that not only increased the amplifier output of the stereo to combat engine noise, but also drew less current to ensure the tunes lasted for the duration of your excursion.

The solution: Class-D. Not only will a Class-D amplifier draw less current, it is the most efficient choice for a marine stereo because it has little to no heat transfer and provides more power than a conventional Class-AB amplifier.

FUSION was the first to introduce this technology to marine entertainment, and continues to pioneer efficient technologies for the marine environment.

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CURV Cone Technology

CURV Cone Technology is an engineering process that has successfully created an innovative, durable and superior-performance composite cone that is light and stiff, with high damping and Young’s modulus, and has remarkable temperature performance. This makes it the choice of all serious, superior-performance speaker manufacturers.
CURV is made from polypropylene (PP) that is extruded, drawn into tapes, woven, and heat-treated to produce a self-reinforced PP composite. This PP composite is the solution to key issues that extruded PP and woven composite cones have presented.

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