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CURV Cone Technology

CURV Cone Technology is an engineering process that has successfully created an innovative, durable and superior-performance composite cone that is light and stiff, with high damping, Young’s modulus and remarkable temperature performance. Making it the choice of all serious, superior-performance speaker manufacturers.

CURV is made from polypropylene (PP) that is extruded, drawn into tapes, woven, and heat-treated to produce a self-reinforced PP composite. This PP composite is the solution to key issues that extruded PP and woven composite cones has presented.

About CURV Cone

The CURV Cone composite in detail:

Stiffness: The self-reinforcing CURV construction process produces a tough and abrasion-resistant surface.
Weight: CURV has a lower specific gravity that is 30% lighter than mica-filled PP at equal stiffness and is available in very thin gauges.
Durability: CURV has superior tear resistance, is impervious to moisture, has a high UV resistance, and is extremely temperature tolerant, utilizing its 0-90° reinforced core.
Shelf life: CURV is a thermoplastic and does not have a shelf life or storage conditions like woven composite cones have.
Damping: CURV offers a good combination of high internal damping and Young Modulus.

Why is CURV Cone the choice of FUSION?

When developing the True Marine Standard, we believe that our products need to be designed to perform season after season even after exposure to some of the harshest marine conditions. Our Engineering and Design Team know that to achieve superior-performance and longevity in the harsh marine elements, CURV Cone Technology is the obvious choice.

With the greater sound definition, higher output and greater resistance to the marine environment CURV Cone is a must for the FUSION Full Range speakers.

FUSION will continue to utilize this technology in developing future products to ensure the superior-performance of our speakers.