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What is Multi-Zone™ Control

FUSION's world-first Multi-Zone™ Technology creates a truly customized audio system for your vessel unlike any other marine stereo in the world.

Conditional on the FUSION marine stereo model you choose, enjoy outstanding audio in either two, three or four independent zones, each with their own volume controls and settings. This allows you to listen to your favorite music at varying volume levels in each in each independent zone of your vessel, for example, loud music in the saloon and quieter music on the flybridge.

This pioneering technology is exclusive to FUSION.

Zone Naming

Taking usability to the next level, FUSION has created a simple interface for naming each individual zone of your stereo. Note: This feature is only available to FUSION 700 and 205 Series stereos.

When utilizing more than one zone it can become difficult to remember which area is assigned to each zone, and with zone naming you'll never accidentally turn up the volume in the cabin instead of the aft deck.

Zone naming can be as simple as "Deck", "Cabin", "Helm" and "Saloon", making navigating and controlling the entertainment system a breeze. When utilizing a FUSION-Link™ certified MFD, all zone names are also displayed on-screen for seamless integration. 


Set Volume Limits

Setting a limit on the volume and sub level in each zone is a very useful feature, especially if each individual zone is in an area of differing acoustic proportions. 

A small cabin on a motor yacht, for example, requires less volume to entertain the inhabitants, while a deck at the rear will normally require somewhere close to the maximum level to compete with engine and other noise.

By limiting the volume, you can protect the ears of your family/friends/crew and your gear, so when it comes to turning up your favorite tunes you'll always be sure to impress.

Volume limits also work as a handy setting when entrusting the boat to younger family members.

Zone Linking and Disabling

An exclusive feature for zone 1 and zone 2 is the ability to link the two zones together for synchronized volume control, making unified volume control easy over the two linked zones.

The ability to disable unused zones is another intuitive FUSION feature. Simply uncheck the enabled tick box on the zones which are no longer required to simplify the operation of your stereo.


Power Saving

If you are using external amplifiers to power zone 1 or zone 2, FUSION offers the ability to disable the on-board amplifier. This feature reduces the power draw from your batteries. 

Zone Amplifier

When enabling zone 3 or zone 4 (zone 3 on the 600 series, zone 3 and 4 on the 700 series) the MS-AM702 has been designed to provide additional amplification while maintaining low current draw.

Utilizing Class-D technology, the AM702 is the perfect accessory for any FUSION stereo, having been engineered to power two speakers at 4 Ohms or 4 speakers in parallel at 2 Ohms.

Multiple amplifiers can be daisy chained together to add additional speakers for nearly limitless audio amplification.