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FUSION True-Marine™

At FUSION, we believe that products should be designed to perform season after season even after exposure to some of the harshest marine conditions. With this longevity in mind, all True-Marine™ products are designed and engineered from the ground up - specifically for use on the water. Environmental protection is at the heart of all our product designs, and only after each product has passed our rigorous environmental testing, are they awarded the True-Marine™ stamp and a 3 Year Worldwide Consumer Warranty.

Our extensive testing gives our customers confidence in our products and has further cemented FUSION as industry leaders in marine entertainment. Look for the True-Marine™ stamp when purchasing your next marine entertainment product.

Sir Peter Maire

FUSION's mantra of being a True-Marine™, world leading marine entertainment brand stems from the history of its owner, Sir Peter Maire. A true visionary and entrepreneur, Peter was the founder of Navman, a kiwi company which designed, developed and manufactured marine navigation and GPS products, growing to become a major global brand.

Peter's passion, imagination and the brilliance of his New Zealand based engineering team have cemented FUSION as an industry leader in marine entertainment.

Studying Electronic Engineering whilst playing in a rock and roll band and hosting his own pirate radio station, Peter also worked at building guitar amplifiers and loudspeakers. It was this early passion for electronics, love of music and high quality acoustics that has shaped FUSION's approach to marine entertainment.

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Vibration Testing

Vibration testing ensures that a product is fit for its life on the water; the ability to operate in irregular or stormy seas without physical damage or degradation is crucial. FUSION simulates these conditions in a controlled environment to ensure seamless operation of all True-Marine™ stereos, not just for one season, but across the products' entire lifespans.

High Humidity and Salt Mist Testing

In high humidity areas such as the Pacific, marine electronics face a real risk of corrosion and mechanical failure. Likewise, exposure to salt mist or moisture for even a small period of time will cause any non-marine specific stereo to fail. At FUSION we have special chambers for testing our products against these conditions, ensuring high performance under any extreme.

Temperature Testing

The ability for a marine stereo to function in extreme temperatures is crucial, especially as the summer season is getting warmer every year. FUSION tests stereo operation under operating conditions you would never experience in the real world to ensure reliability is maintained.

A FUSION marine stereo must withstand sudden changes in temperature without experiencing physical damage or degradation in performance.

Ingress Protection (Water Ingress) Testing

All FUSION True-Marine™ solutions, whether they are stereo entertainment systems, speakers, subwoofers or wired remote controls, are IP (Ingress Protection) rated to at least IPx5. 

This indicates a product's protection against moisture intrusion - an important factor for a product's durability and lifespan on the water.