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Introducing The All-New Fusion® Signature Series 3 12" Marine Subwoofer

We are pleased to announce the launch of the all-new Signature Series 3 12" marine subwoofer. Packing a thunderous 1400-watts of peak power, these 12" subwoofers deliver premium low end frequencies like never before – taking your on-water listening to unprecedented levels with some serious bass.

Like their 10" Signature Series 3 counterparts, these 12" subwoofers are available in Sports White or Sports Chrome designs to suit the aesthetics of a wide range of modern boats – particularly the extravagant multi-outboard center consoles of the Florida market.

The Signature Series 3 12" subwoofers also incorporate industry-first CRGBW LED lighting to illuminate your boat with an unprecedented spectrum of colors – enhancing ambience for a superior on-water sound and lighting experience.

Our acoustic engineers have used the highest quality materials and latest engineering techniques to create these subwoofers, delivering unparalleled acoustic performance. Key design features include a polypropylene cone construction which produces defined, high-resolution low-frequencies. The large diameter voice coil delivers increased power and efficiency, while the high-grade basket provides unprecedented durability.

Having to perform in the harsh marine environment, the Signature Series 3 12" subwoofers are purpose-built for real-world boating applications. Rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection, these subwoofers are also True-Marine™ rated, having been tested to a high level of protection against salt-fog, UV, temperature and vibration. With a 3-year consumer warranty, you can have peace of mind that they are built to last season after season on board.

Available now with suggested retail prices of USD $699.99 / $749.99.

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