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What NMEA data can my NRX remote display?

List of NMEA 2000 PGNs supported:

  • 127250 - Vessel Heading [Magnetic Heading, Correction, Deviation]
  • 128259 - Speed Water Referenced [Speed Water, Speed Ground]
  • 128267 - Water Depth [Depth At Transducer, Transducer Offset]
  • 129025 - Position Rapid Update [Latitude, Longitude]
  • 129026 - COG & SOG Rapid Update
  • 129029 - GNSS Position Data [Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude]
  • 129284 - Navigation Data [ETA]
  • 130306 - Wind Data [Speed, Direction, Reference]
  • 130310 - Environmental Parameters (Deprecated) [Temperature Instance, Humidity Instance, Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure)
  • 130312 - Temperature [Instance, Source, Actual]
  • 130314 - Actual Pressure
  • 130577 - Direction Data [Course Over Ground, Speed Over Ground, Heading, Speed Through Water]

When playing music via Apple AirPlay on my Apollo RA770, my NRX300 remote shows 'unknown source' on the screen. How can I fix this?

Please update the software of your NRX300 remote. Simply turn on the remote and connected stereo and then go to Settings>Update>MS-NRX300 to allow the remote to update. We recommend that before doing this, you also ensure your stereo is running the latest software version.

The screen on my MS-RA55 has fogged up. Is this an issue?

Most marine stereos have small vents on their cases to allow a way for moisture to find its way in. In some limited instances, it is possible for moist air to be drawn into the vents when the air inside the stereo cools down after being turned off. Direct sunlight on the front can draw this moisture up against the screen, causing fogging - but turning on the stereo will speed up the moisture removal.

Fogging is not abnormal, nor will it harm your stereo as it is built to withstand the moist marine environment.

Can I connect a MS-DAB100A or a SiriusXM module to my MS-RA205, when I am using a MS-BT200?

Unfortunately not, as the MS-DAB100A, SiriusXM module and MS-BT200 use the same port on the rear of the MS-RA205 stereo. To be able to have DAB/SiriusXM functionality as well as Bluetooth, you will need to purchase a MS-BT100 and connect this to the stereo via the AUX input (Loom B).

Why does my stereo become unresponsive when I try to play music from the attached USB flash drive?

The 70 Series stereos supports a maximum of 250 MP3 files per folder and must be in the root directory of the USB device. (You cannot place a folder inside another folder and the max number of 250 files/folders applies to the root structure)

How do I connect my TV to the stereo to play the audio from the TV through the stereo?

Connect an RCA interconnect cable to an audio 'Line Out' from the TV to the stereo 'AUX IN' connection.

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